About Us

And what we stand for

About us

And what we stand for

Ed Cooper

Ed is a highly experienced leadership and business coach with a corporate career spanning over 20 years with companies like Argos and Avon.

He was the Head of global Learning & Development in his last role at Avon where he developed global leadership programmes up to Executive Director level & high potential programmes for Sales & Marketing.

Ed left the corporate world in 2018 to run his own ActionCOACH business coaching franchise where he now coaches SME business owners & their teams to accelerate their growth. Within just 2 years he has acquired a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors.

Ed’s coaching and training has resulted in many successes for individuals and teams alike. One of his business client’s has increased their turnover by 85% & their profits by 48% in a year whilst successfully increasing the size of their team by 100%.

Ed works with you as an individual, drawing on your strengths, he challenges you to perform to the best of your abilities, whilst increasing both your circle of competence and confidence. 

“I blend my corporate background together with the knowledge and experience of SME.

I know what it takes to be a successful business owner and enable entrepreneurial thinking and action in the leaders and teams I work with.”