Team Development

Transforming teams

Do you want a high performing and collaborative team?

There are many challenges teams are facing now and we allow you to confront those challenges in a safe space and help move a team forward towards their goals. 

We enable teams to get the best out of each other, develop mutual accountability and effectively engage with all your stakeholders to deliver value now and in the future.

“Systemic Team Coaching not only sees the team as a system, but as always existing within a larger system, most usually the organisation, and in service of the organisation’s eco-system of stakeholders.”

Professor Peter Hawkins – World-renowned thought leader in Systemic Team Coaching

“I learnt a lot about others in the SLT as well as myself. Creating a behavioural values charter was very useful for taking actions forward.”

Beckie Sizer – HR Director,


Why team coaching? One-off away days can have limited impact when the team need to deliver long lasting transformational change. Similar to 1:1 coaching a team also needs a longer duration of coaching to help embed the behaviours for long-lasting impact.

Team coaching is typically a 6-10 month programme to enable teams to unlock potential and deliver value for all stakeholders. Teams become more connected, effective, future-fit and rewarded both professionally and personally.

5 E’s Benefits of Team Coaching
1. Enables teams to collaborate better and get the best out of each other.
2. Embeds team development as part of business as usual rather than one-off isolated team away day events.
3. Exposes any ‘elephants in the room’ in a safe environment for teams to work through together.
4. Encourages the team to switch from an individual ‘hero’ mindset to a more collective team success mindset.
5. Engages the whole team to unlock potential, focus on continuous learning and make significant changes to serve the wider stakeholders.

We are accredited practitioner level team coaches using Peter Hawkins (Founder of Team Coaching) proven Systemic Team Coaching Model as featured above. 

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We use DISC to help individuals in a team understand their individual strengths.

The DISC Leadership report enables leaders to:

a)know their natural and adapted behavioural tendencies,
b)identify their employees observable behaviours
c)adapt their leadership style to optimise working better together with their team

Using the DISC Team report can help teams understand how to get the best out of each other and recognise each others strengths and gaps as a team. This increased awareness leads to better choices in terms of behaviours so that your team can work more cohesively and productively together.

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Is there a couple of team members in conflict that is impacting the whole team ?

Before this gets to HR grievance and causes long lasting damage to the team we offer mediation. Mediation benefits the individuals, the leaders and the organisation as a whole. 

Mediation aims to

1) Help each party appreciate the other’s perspective

2) Enable each party to state what they would like to happen going forwards

3)Seek an agreement between both parties on what will happen in the future

Bob Thomson is a qualified mediator with many years of experience working to mediate disputes with individuals in companies and in education.

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Teams have changed and we need to adapt

Wherever your team is based we are experienced in all types of delivery so we can deliver a programme that will match how you need to communicate day to day.




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