Head Teacher, Kings College Primary

Thank you! After coaching sessions with Steph (one face-to-face and the rest via Zoom) I had re-focussed on my values and knew what I wanted to achieve. Steph’s advice was invaluable in boosting my confidence, self-belief and pushing me to be braver. Her key questions of “Why not?” and “What could happen?” along with her advice to “let go of the outcome” all really helped me question myself and push myself to explore new avenues.

After a maternity leave and a confidence knock, Steph helped me to pick myself back up and secure my dream job! I will be headteacher of a fantastic, child-centred primary school in sunny Spain where the values and organisational ethos align perfectly with my own. I can’t wait! Thanks again- I would highly recommend to other women at a crossroads or considering a new path. “Why not?!”

Marie Lally