Looking to get ahead in your career?

Our free online course, created in collaboration with Reed, will help you get ahead in a career you love.

A FREE career development course in collaboration with Reed 

Are you stuck in a rut with your career? Seeking a promotion? Looking for a new role? Seeking more fulfilment in your current role? We’ve partnered with James Reed CBE, Chairman and CEO of Reed, the UK’s biggest and best-known recruitment brand to create ‘Life’s Work’ – How to get ahead in a career you love.

This on-demand, self-paced course, is jam-packed with insightful videos, activities and resources that will help you build a successful career now and in the future.

About The Course

The course is based on James Reed’s  book, Life’s Work. We’ve partnered together using our combined knowledge of recruitment with tried and tested career coaching techniques from working with many clients on their career development. You’ll get access to a range of career boosting insights, as well as tips, tricks and coaching exercises for acing your next interview, uncovering your strengths and understanding the current job market so you make the right decisions for your career.

What to expect

  • Insights from Reed’s Chairman and CEO, James Reed CBE, drawing on his decades of experience in business and recruitment, as well as the stories and ideas in his book Life’s Work.
  • Expert career guidance from Executive Coach and Founder of Life’s Work, Steph Rix, who’s been enabling people to find fulfilment in their career for many years.
  • Powerful coaching tools and techniques that will help you grow in your career.
  • Insider perspectives on essential career topics such as networking and the labour market.
  • Activities to help you understand your values, network online, ace your next interview and much more.
  • Extra live group coaching session and Q&A hosted by Steph on the 29th February 12:30-2pm. (This session is chargeable at £36). This is an opportunity to bring your specific challenges and questions for a live tailored group coaching session.  

Steph Rix

Steph is the Founder, Managing Director of Life’s Work and an Executive Coach.

Over the years she’s helped many people to have a fulfilling career, find a new role, return to work after a career break or completely change career. With an MA in career development and a registered professional member of The Career Development Institute, Steph is committed to quality and evidence based career coaching support. She loves enabling people to break through boundaries in their careers. 


James Reed CBE

Chairman & CEO of Reed, Britain’s biggest and best-known recruitment company.

James leads the company with a passion for improving lives through work. With over three decades in both recruitment and business, James has weathered economic downturns, hired hundreds of people, and embraced the principles of good leadership. He’s dedicated to supporting people from all walks of life develop meaningful careers through his best-selling books, articles, media appearances and now this course

Why Take The Course?

This course is for you if you if you are struggling to find a new role, you have no idea what you want to do with your career, or you need support and a starting point to find the courage to move jobs.

Wherever you are on your career journey, this course will guide you through your next steps to a fulfilling career. 

Gain clarity on what YOU want from your career

  • Put yourself in the driving seat of your career
  • Create a ‘check list’ of what an ideal role looks like for you and a plan on how to get there
  • Raised self-awareness on understanding your purpose, values and strengths

Reduce the overwhelm with a step by step approach

  • Self-paced and structured approach to guide you through all the challenges of career search
  • A blend of practical and powerful mindset tips and techniques  
  • Exercises on goal setting, habit tracking and building career resilience 

Expert career related resources 

  • Packed full of articles and career related book recommendations all in one place
  • Handpicked for you so you don’t spend hours trawling the internet for ‘advice’ that might not be relevant or accurate 
  • Recruitment expert perspective on future job trends and current market information eg. salary guides

Extra boost with a live group coaching session 

  • Sign up to the live session here
  • Q&A and live group coaching session to support your individual career challenges with Steph for an additional £36
  • Meet other participants on the course to share and learn from their experiences. (Limited spaces to ensure you have a fully interactive session)

Overview of the course content 

This course takes you through step by step of career development from understanding yourself, building resilience with a mixture of practical and mindset tips, tricks and exercises along the way. Split into seven info-packed modules to help you build a successful career:

Module 1: Your Best Career Starts Here

Discover what the five fundamentals of career success are and how they can transform your career for the better

  • Our ambition for you (Video)
  • The five fundamentals of career success (Video)
  • Three ways to get the most out of this course (Coaching video)
  • Visualising your ideal role (Coaching video)
  • Module 1 workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for setting goals and understanding what you want)
Module 2: Look in the Mirror

Discover what really makes you tick and how to use that knowledge to advance in your career

  • Understanding your purpose (Video)
  • What are values? (Video)
  • How to uncover your values (Coaching video)
  • Knowing your strengths (Coaching video)
  • Strengths at your best (Coaching video)
  • Module 2 workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for understanding your purpose, strengths, and values)
Module 3: Building Connections

Discover how to network like a pro both online and in person

  • The value of broadening your network (Video)
  • How to get over yourself when networking (Video)
  • How to start building your network (Coaching video)
  • Your fab 50 list (Coaching video)
  • How to network in a virtual world (Coaching video)
  • Module 3 workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for growing your network and reaching out to potential contacts)
Module 4: Finding your flow

Discover which jobs and sectors are in demand right now and whether you have the right skills to apply for them

  • Fast-flowing sectors (Video)
  • How to narrow down your career choices (Coaching video)
  • Module 4 workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for narrowing down your career choices)
Module 5: Be Prepared

Discover insider tips for making the best impression at your next interview

  • How to be a preparation ninja (Video)
  • How to ace your next interview (Coaching video)
  • How to nail virtual interviews (Coaching video)
  • Module five workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for answering tricky interview questions with ease)


Module 6: Career Resilience

Discover the simplest way to deal with even the most challenging setbacks

  • How good habits can help you deal with setbacks (Video)
  • How to future-proof your career (Video)
  • Mindset tips for career resilience – What if? (Coaching video)
  • Mindset tips for career resilience – Dealing with your inner critic (Coaching video)
  • Mindset tips for career resilience – The CAKES method (Coaching video)
  • Module 6 workbook (includes a range of activities and resources for getting into the right mindset for your job search)
Module 7: Change your work, change your life

Discover how being selfish can actually be a good thing

  • How to be sustainably selfish (Video)
  • Change your work, change your life (Video)
  • Your career action plan